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Dr. Steven Reynolds
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Dr. Yahya Shehabi
Dr. Shay McGuinness
Dr. Rachael Parke
Dr. Yaseen Arabi

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Implementing knowledge gained from BALANCE will not require new equipment, technology or advanced training of personnel.  Instead, implementing shorter course treatment, if proven non-inferior, would be a simple intervention that could be widely implemented with cost-savings rather than cost increases.  The result would be rapid large-scale reductions in antibiotic days of treatment across ICUs in Canada and across the globe.  Reductions in C. difficile infections, and antibiotic resistant organisms would then follow.  If shorter course treatment is sufficient for critically ill patients with bloodstream infections, then it might also be sufficient for less ill populations with bloodstream infections.  Therefore, the BALANCE trial findings could lead to very broad global reductions in antimicrobial use and pressure.

The involvement of the knowledge users and leaders in the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group (CCCTG) will lead to rapid national knowledge dissemination, since its members include over 350 clinicians and researchers who work in ICUs across Canada at all major teaching hospitals and many community hospitals. A major mandate of the CCCTG is translating knowledge into practice and advancing the science of Knowledge Translation (KT) in the critically ill.